Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stop Motion Fun !

Hey Everyone,
I know it's been a long time since my last post,  been busy with life and time just flies by !  To get back into the swing of things here is my latest Stop Motion Animation film for a bit of fun,   always remember to park your Solido carefully !

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dinky ~ Somua Panhard Autobus Parisien ~ #29D / 570

 Apologies for the long absence,  lots of yard work with the nicer weather and lots of other projects has meant little time for posting a new entry.  However I have been busy adding to my collection,  and a recent addition is this very nice Dinky Somua Panhard Autobus,  released I believe in the years 1952 through 1961.  This is one of the "smaller" Dinky Toys,  not a full 1/43 model.  However is still very nice addition.   Made in France.   As far as I can tell, the cream / green scheme was the only one ever released.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Solido ~ Mercedes Benz 220 SE ~ # 126

  A super Solido model this week !  How can you have a collection without a 220 SE ?  This particular model looks to have been used once to often in a bank job getaway !  The rear suspension is collapsed and the windshield has a bullet hole right in the 
middle !    Perhaps it's been driven just a little too much like this photo !   
I'm sure you'll all recognize that shot !     Model was made in France 1963-68,  2 door sedan with cast body, opening doors, silver chassis, plastic windows and interior, turned hubs, tires, suspension, silver headlights, grille, bumpers and bottom panels, red tailights.
1. Red body                         2. Metallic red body
3. Metallic wine red body     4. Light green body
5. Metallic Dark Green         6. Metallic blue body
7. Metallic blue black body   8. Light gray body 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dinky ~ Rolls Royce Coupe ~ #30B

Now for a bit of class,  probably the oldest and most expensive piece in my collection to date,  The Dinky Rolls Royce.  Made in England between 1935-1940, and again in 1946-1950, model features cast body, 2 types of black chassis, chrome grille-bumper-headlights and hubs, white or black tires. 
Casting with open chassis (3 large holes 1935-1940,  early 1946).
1.  Red body     ~    2. Cream body
3. Green body   ~   4. Blue body
5. Gray body     ~   6. Tan body
7. Dark blue body

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rio ~ 1902 Ford "999" Racer ~ # 69

  A vintage racer this week,  from Rio.  Very interesting looking car,  some history from the Rio info sheet.  In 1902,  Henry Ford,  who was interested in races, decided to build racing cars and built two cars called "999",  and "Arrow" which were almost identical.  Of these two only the 999 was preserved.  There was a large engine with four cylinders in line fixed on a couple of wooden beams reinforced with metal rods.  There was no gear box and the engine was always in direct drive while the clutch was made up by two wooden blocks placed inside the flywheel ; this flywheel was a monstrous object over 60 cm. 24 in. in diameter and in weight - 110 Kg. 242 lbs !  You can see in my photos that the drivers feet is dangerous close to this !  With this car the famous Barney Oldfield took part and won numerous races in the first years ;  Henry Ford himself drove this car on an ice covered lake breaking the speed record at an average speed of 147 Km per Hour - 91 mph.  The car was without break -  Yikes !    Days wen Men were Men !   

  What's Amazing about this model is the flywheel actual functions with the drive shaft and turns the rear wheels !    Made in Italy in 1978,  model features cast chassis and silver motor,  tan plastic body parts,  brass fittings, silver radiator,  maroon seat and spoked hubs, black tires.

Monday, January 11, 2016

TAXI ! Dinky ~ Taxi ~ # 36G

  Taxi !   I've been after one now for awhile,  and finally found one without a fare !  Released in the years 1937 to 1940,  then again post war 1946-1949.  Model features cast body, chassis and hubs, black tires.  Casting with open rear window, black chassis (1937-40).
1. Maroon lower body
2. Yellow lower body
3. Green lower body
4. Blue lower body
5. Tan lower body (upper body including roof can be red, green blue or black).
   Post war colors include brown, red, maroon, green and blue,  and has no rear window.